PCTV & more fun events

Last night I had the great privilege of being on Park City TV's Mountain Views show with Kelly Anderson, Startup Princess. It was my first TV appearance & I think it went really well. The show host, Ori Hoeffer, was really fun & easy to talk with. I've got to figure out how to get a DVD of the show transferred onto YouTube & then ya'll can see the show. So cool!

On Monday, November 3, we're going to start our Manic Monday Mama Giveaways. These are going to be AWESOME!!! I almost want to spoil the fun & start giving away the stuff right away, but I know the anticipation will be more fun. All our vendors in the store send us samples of their products for us to preview & vouch for the quality, so we decided that it would be fun to start offering their samples as product giveaways here on our blog as a little promotion/welcome for that vendor joining CreatedByMom.com. So mark your calendars, tell your friends; we are rockin' the giveaway scene very soon!

Also, if you have any mom-vendors you'd like to see at CreatedByMom.com, we're going to start hosting a Red Rover to get them to come on over. Just leave a comment here with a link to their store/blog & we'll "Red Rover, Red Rover, Hey Mama, Come on Over" them to join us at CreatedByMom.com.

Doesn't it rock to support moms? xoxo
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Congratulations to Our Big Winner!!!

We're so excited to announce that the winner of our Grand Opening $100 Shopping Spree is:


Congratulations, Hilary!!! We're so excited & can't wait to see how you spend it!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Grand Opening Extravaganza!

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Welcome to new Mom-Vendors!

We have been working hard to add more and more vendors to the store. Here are the latest:

Ala Board
Divine Mama Art
Love, September
Party Boxers
Noodles and Milk
Vintage Body Spa

We are in the process of adding several more great new mom-vendors! Welcome to the createdbymom.com chic boutique!
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Sweet Life in the Valley

A GIANT thank you goes out to our friends at "Sweet Life in the Valley" for hosting a giveaway/promotion for our Grand Opening. We really appreciate you doing this for all us moms over here at CreatedByMom.com! Special thanks to April for arranging everything! xoxo

View their giveaway here: Fun Free Fridays * CreatedByMom.com

Thanks for making our Grand Opening a little "sweeter!" We love your blog! xoxo
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Big thank you!

Our friends at "Inspiration for Crafting" offered to host a giveaway promotion on their site for CreatedByMom.com. We are so grateful for their support to our moms! Thanks Amber, for putting that together. We love your blog!

You can view their giveaway post here: Giveaway Sponsored by CreatedByMom.com.
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Grand Opening Hoop-la!

Don't miss getting in on the festivities during our official Grand Opening!

Use the coupon code: divinemama at Check-out for 20% off any item in your purchase during the Grand Opening (Oct 1-18).

And remember that any purchases made during the Grand Opening will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Shopping Spree to CreatedByMom.com!!!

Also, feel free to enter my Blog Hype Contest, posted at my personal blog: Finding Joy in the Journey.
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Big Welcome to New Mom-Vendors!

You are gonna love what's just been added to the store!  I'm so happy to welcome these fabulous new mom-vendors to CreatedByMom.com!!!

Check out their stores & get inspired!  Welcome, welcome mommies!
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Some Exciting Happenings!

I am so excited to welcome everyone to the new CreatedByMom.com blog!  Stay tuned to hear exciting news about the latest happenings in our chic boutique.  

Our fabulous mom-vendors @ CreatedByMom.com:

... with more amazing mom-vendors being added to the store all the time!!!

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